Quality Policy

Clause No.: 5
Document Ref: 0501
Issue No.: 01
Date: 5th September 2018

It is our strategic direction to operate a successful and profitable business based on satisfying our clients’ needs and expectations.

We will address and satisfy all applicable legal and statutory requirements, which apply to the services we provide.

We will set our goals on continually improving the way we manage our business. These goals will be addressed through a process of setting, measuring and reviewing objectives which we will confirm at our management review.

In order to assist us to achieve our objectives, we shall operate a Quality Management System which at the very least meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Every employee is responsible for implementing our Quality Management System and, as the Managing Director, I would emphasise our commitment to this system and will ensure that the proper resources are allocated to implement this policy effectively.

The Quality Policy will be communicated by being displayed on our notice board, in addition it will be displayed on our website in order that relevant interested parties can view our policy.

Alan W.McMorran
Managing Director