Software & Consultancy Services

Open Grid Systems (512px)
Open Grid Systems Ltd. is a software and consultancy company providing services to the electrical power industry focussed on model-driven software engineering, open standards and cutting-edge technologies.

Open Grid Systems provides expertise in the areas of data management, information modelling, data transformation, data-exchange technologies, visualisation and power system network analysis software.  We utilise the power of open standards and model-driven architectures to provide modern, scalable solutions to the challenges faced by utilities in the smart-grid enabled world.

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Cimphony® Orchestra

Cimphony is a model-driven, multi-platform power system data management and analysis application utilising the OSGi modular system and an Eclipse-based user interface. The core Cimphony modules provide model-independent services for:

  • Data management and editing
  • OCL-driven validation
  • Model-driven transformation
  • Distributed database persistence
  • Graphical visualisation
  • Geographical export using KML
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GridiView NYC Large LogoGridⓘView is a mobile application that provides important asset and network information to personnel in the field. GridⓘView allows the user to visualise consolidated GIS, network and asset health data around their location on both a map and augmented reality view. By providing a variety of information the field crews are able to identify the equipment around them and invoke storm damage requests, view asset incidents or send update GIS requests at the touch of a button. This removes the need for paper forms, multiple integration of data into different systems and human error.

GridⓘView provides a means of saving time and money for field crews. More information is provided to crews in real-time and reports are delivered instantly to the back-end systems. Utilising a variety of the integrated sensors (GPS, gyroscope, camera and magnetometer) within the mobile device, GridⓘView provides a powerful means of closing the loop between operations, asset and work management systems to ensure integrity and accuracy of network data across systems.

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Grid Reporter

Grid ReporterGrid Reporter is a smartphone application that allows consumers to submit reports regarding power outages, damaged equipment or downed electrical lines.

On the server-side Grid Reporter utilises an electrical network connectivity model with integrated geographical location data to do geographical lookup and topology analysis to calculate where the user is connected to the grid when they report an outage or what pieces of network equipment they are looking at when they report damage.

This allows intelligent clustering and grouping of faults with the ability to then use this data with existing outage management systems or workforce mobile applications.

As well as submitting these reports, Grid Reporter allows the user to view any historically submitted reports along with current outages in their area by leveraging the existing outage data provided by electrical utilities.

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