Privacy Policy

Open Grid Systems (OGS) provides products and services for desktop and mobile computing devices.
Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • What information we collect and why we collect it.
  • How we use that information.
  • How we protect your data.

Information that we collect

We collect information both for our own use and for our customers.

Information we collect for ourselves

Some of our services require that users log in to use them.  In this case, we will have an e-mail address associated with your user account and it may be necessary that you provide location details either to filter information, or as part of the process you are working through.

When using our services, you will have an IP address and a unique identifier for the OGS application being used and we will capture device information, such as the make, model and operating system.

Additionally, some of our applications will capture data about how the application is being used and we will retain any communication you have with us.

Information we collect for others

OGS provides services to third-party companies who may make use of our applications to gather data.  Where a third-party is using our services in this way, the apps will collect data for OGS as stated above, but this will additionally be available to the third party.  You will be notified that the application is collecting data for the third party, along with who they are and will be presented with a link to their privacy policy so you can understand how they will use your data.

When a third-party requests additional information through OGS apps and services, OGS requires that the third party mark the fields requesting personal information. OGS will erase any fields containing personal information after a limited period, usually 4 weeks.

Any data captured for a third party through OGS apps and services is bound by the data retention and privacy policy determined by the third party.

How we use information that we collect

OGS use the information we collect for ourselves to maintain the security of the OGS platform and services and to improve the applications and services that we offer.

The information relating to how our applications are used, including your device make, model and operating system will help us determine future product improvements and will focus our efforts to improve your experience.

Location details are used to show relevant on-screen information, and to help you send that location on for a specified purpose, such as reporting a fault.

Your IP address and unique identifier(s) can also be used to filter information being provided into our systems, should we detect any inappropriate use.


Where your e-mail address is used as part of the login process, it is used as a personal identifier and will only be used by OGS for the purposes of account management on OGS systems.

We will ask for your permission before using information for a purpose that has not been set out in this Privacy Policy.

OGS has several partners that provide us with servers and these servers may not always be in the country where you live. Your personal information may, therefore, be processed on a server located outside the country where you live.

How we protect your data

We work hard to ensure that no information entrusted to OGS is accessed by unauthorised users, or shared beyond the agreed scope.

Our services use secure data transmissions and storage along with access controls and firewalls to protect our systems and the information we hold.