GridⓘView Updates

Since 9th March 2015 GridⓘView has been on the Apple App Store.

The following page shows GridⓘView’s Version History as well as what we are working on for the next release.

If you have any issues or questions regarding version 3.2 then please contact us by emailing us at

Version 3.2 – Added 27th January 2016

  • Allow dynamic update of network overlay information
  • Add charts to dynamic data
  • Fix table input bug in forms
  • Fix layout and dependency issues within forms
  • Allow other annotations other than equipment to be selected on the map when lines are enabled
  • Add support for iPad Pro and iPhone
  • Add 3D option for map
  • Change dependencies in forms to be hidden instead of greyed out


Version 3.1 – Added 12th October 2015

  • Fix iOS7 bugs for icons, server list and schematic border
  • Added directions to assets/search location
  • Updates for iOS9
  • Added new user input types in Reports


Version 3.0 – Added 8th July 2015

  • Added report history to equipment options
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements to map view
  • Added the ability to click on lines or equipment to start reports
  • Bug fixes for iOS 8.3
  • Underground cables no longer dotted by default
  • Bug fixes in reports when adding multiple photos, signatures, map annotations
  • Added geo-schematic interface
  • Added tagging
  • Improved simple search


Version 2.1.1 – Added 20th April 2015

  • Add the ability to search within documents
  • Improve AR fix on user location
  • Remove auto correct from search bar in map view
  • Update icons
  • Inform the user if an offline map is loaded upon deletion from Home and remove from Map view if confirmed by the user
  • Bug Fixes


Version 2.1.0 – Added 24th March 2015

  • Add the ability to search network equipment by name and type
  • Bug fixes where the username was not saved on first login
  • Bug fix where attachments were not being included in reports


Version 2.0.9 – Added 9th March 2015

  • Initial upload to the app store