3.6 Network Updates

3.5 Reports

The Network Updates tab stores all the updates that the user makes regarding moving an existing equipment and adding/deleting new equipment information to the map view. Settings are available in the Settings interface (see section to either automatically send these requests to the server or store them in the Network Updates tab for manual sending. The buttons below the table provide varying functionalities (similar to that in the Reports Tab, see section 3.5.2). The icons next to the individual network updates indicate the status of the update, the same as above in the Reports tab (see section 3.5.2). Swiping a certain entry and clicking the delete button can delete an entry.

If the network that the network update is associated with is loaded on the home view then a magnifying glass will appear next to a network update row allowing the user to zoom into the map view to see the piece of equipment associated with this network update.

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