3.3 AR

3.2 Maps

This tab displays the augmented reality view of the surrounding network around the user. In order to use this view the location services must be enabled for GridⓘView within the iPad’s main settings. To check this go to Settings->Privacy->Location Services and ensure that GridⓘView is set to ON. In order to receive an accurate location the iPad must also not be in Airplane mode and Wi-Fi should be enabled (although it is not necessary to be connected to a Wi-Fi network). An icon, in the bottom right corner of the AR View, will highlight if GridⓘView is receiving a location fix:

A fix has been established on the user location.
nopositionfix A fix has not been established on the user location. Please ensure that the device is not in Airplane mode, Wi-Fi is enabled and location services are enabled for GridⓘView.

By holding the device up to a piece of equipment an overlay of the equipment’s name and type should be seen around the physical view from the camera. Again the cable colour is depicted by its voltage and is dashed or solid depending on if they are underground or over ground respectively. Clicking on the equipment’s name brings up options similar to that in the map view. Here the user is able to:

  • “Reports”, which shows a list of reports in a table view. When a report is selected it will open a new interface in the Reports tab (see section 3.5.1).
  • “View Documents”, which shows the various document groups in a table for viewing, (see Figure 12).
  • “View Location Details”, which will provide the user with the latitude, longitude, altitude and (internet providing) the closest physical address.
  • “View Equipment On Map”, which takes the user to the corresponding equipment on the map tab.

The settings for this tab can be changed by clicking on the small icon in the lower left of the screen. A small interface will slide in from the top of the screen allowing the user to:

  • “Filter Equipment By Distance”: An on/off switch is provided to filter the equipment icons in the AR view by distance from the user. When the switch is in the on position the user can use the “Equipment Distance (m)” slider to change the viewing distance of the equipment icons.
  • “Drawing Distance (m)”: moving the slider up and down can change the drawing distance of the equipment and lines around a user on the AR view.
  • “Override Altitude”: An on/off switch allows the user to override the users altitude. If turned on then the user must insert a distance in meters of their estimates height off the ground in the “Height Off Ground (m)” box.

Clicking on the main screen will dismiss the settings view.

3.3.1 Overriding the User Location

If the user feels that the AR view is not showing the correct equipment around their location then they can override the location that the GPS thinks they are in. Click on the Map tab to take you back to the map view. Click on the settings icon and then “Override User Location”, which will place a UserLocation icon in the centre of the map. Drag this UserLocation icon to your actual position. Clicking back on the AR tab will now recalculate the equipment around the new position. This position can be reset to the GPS one by clicking on the refresh button on the UserLocation icon’s call out.

3.4 Schematics