2 Logging In

1 Introduction

The first time the user opens GridⓘView they will be presented with (see Figure 1), requiring them to authenticate with the server.

Figure 1. Login Screen

Here, the user must be connected to the Internet to authenticate the device and user with the server. Clicking on “New User” will present the user with Figure 2, where the user is required to enter their email address. If an administrator has registered the email address then Figure 3 will be displayed asking for the associated password. Clicking on “Setup Login” will then take the user to Figure 4 where they will be asked to enter a pin code that will then be used each time the user re-enters GridⓘView.

Figure 2. Confirm Email Address

Figure 3

Figure 3. Select Server and Enter Password

Figure 4. Pin Code for Future Access

2.1 Re-Logging In

Each time the user closes GridⓘView, or navigates away from it, the user will be prompted to log back in. If the user has previously registered with the server then they can choose their username from the drop down and insert the passcode they set up when authentication took place. If a new user is using GridⓘView then they must authenticate with the server (see Figure 2).

2.2 Forgotten Passcode

If the user has forgotten the five-pin passcode that was set up on initial authentication then the user can click “Forgotten Passcode”. It should be noted that the device must be connected to the Internet to complete this task as GridⓘView will ask the user to re-authenticate with the server prior to inserting a new passcode.

3 Explanation of Tabs