5 Working with the Local Repository

Step 4 Populating the CIM Data

5    Working with the Local Repository

As well as working with files we can also use the local repository to store files. The benefit of the repository is that it will keep a history of all changes to the model and previous versions can be exported or difference files created between current and historical versions.

The Resources View (in the bottom left in the default Cimphony perspective) lists all open files under the Workspace and also all folders and resources within the Local Repository. This is an extensible view and will contain any remote repositories or server based data providers configured to work with Cimphony.

5.1 Copying to the Repository27

  1. Right click on the Local Repository in the Resources view and select Create Resource Folder.
  2. Give this folder the name IEEE Test Networks and hit OK. All names for the repository folders may contain alpha-numeric characters and spaces.
  3. When the Local Repository is now expanded it will show the empty IEEE Test Networks folder along with an empty Independent folder (for resources that are added at the root level outwith any folder).
  4. In the Resources view expand Workspace and the Independent folder to show the two loaded IEEE 14 model, ieee14.cdf and ieee14.xml.
  5. Right-click on the ieee14.xml entry and select Copy to Local Repository28
  6. Select the location to be the IEEE Test Networks folder by expanding the Repository and selecting the folder. Click OK.
  7. Enter a name for the resource, in this case IEEE 14 Bus and click OK.
  8. An initial commit will take longer as it has to build the initial databasetables. When it is complete the IEEE Test Networks folder will have the IEEE 14 Bus resource as a child entry. Double-click on this resource to load it into a Cimphony Browser window.
  9. Right click on the ieee14.xml file in the Workspace→Independent folder and select Unload to unload this file from the Workbench. This will not delete the file; it will simply remove it from memory and close any active editors.