GridⓘView is a mobile application that provides important asset and network information to personnel in the field. GridⓘView allows the user to visualise consolidated GIS, network and asset health data around their location on both a map and augmented reality view. By providing a variety of information the field crews are able to identify the equipment around them and invoke storm damage requests, view asset incidents or send update GIS requests at the touch of a button. This removes the need for paper forms, multiple integration of data into different systems and human error.

GridⓘView provides a means of saving time and money for field crews. More information is provided to crews in real-time and reports are delivered instantly to the back-end systems. Utilising a variety of the integrated sensors (GPS, gyroscope, camera and magnetometer) within the mobile device, GridⓘView provides a powerful means of closing the loop between operations, asset and work management systems to ensure integrity and accuracy of network data across systems.