Cimphony Trial

Cimphony® is has been deployed with many of our partners and clients around the world.  If you would be interested in obtaining a trial license for Cimphony then please email us at, let us know who you are and what company or institution you are in and we will be happy to consider you for a full-functional trial license for the current version of our software.

The Cimphony® Orchestra trial license provides a fully featured version of Cimphony® Orchestra with a time-restricted license.  The software is available for Microsoft Windows in 32 & 64 bit along with Apple OS X.

Cimphony Orchestra Beta v2.2 with EDF URBAIN Network

As part of our ongoing research and development, prototype technologies are included for model-driven database persistence and balanced AC power flow, along with the standard browser, and the geographical and schematic editors.  The software currently supports CIM v11-16 along with the ERCOT extensions and support for the ENTSO-E profiles from 2009-2013.